Full Version: Building a Tricopter... Slowly
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I first came across information on tricopters a few years ago and over time started collecting parts and doing research. I will Chronicle my  experience here. Smile

Any other Tri or Quad builders out there?
So I have been studying the Tri's built by Signguy on rcgroups and David at rcexplorer and am basing what I'm doing on that foundation.
Ok time for a few concept renderings based on what I have seen...
The first parts I cut were made of acrylic and far too  fragile. My advice would be don't go this route.
Damn they looked good but just weren't suitable. Sad
So on the next go round I laser cut the parts from 1/8" plywood and hardboard.
I did some experimenting with a tilt mechanism for the yaw motor. If you cant figure it out from the pics just ask. Smile
Hey V&B looks good. Wish I had access to a laser to cut parts like that.
Hey Mr. Bubble,   I found a local trophy shop that was willing to cut parts for me on there laser for cheap.